Zoltan Istvan is Running for USA President 2016 – as Transhumanist Party candidate

Zoltan Istvan – a Fellow at the Brighter Brains Institute – has announced that he is running for 2016 USA President. He will represent the newly-formed Transhumanist Party.

Zoltan is the author of the best-selling novel The Transhumanist Wager, and he’s a prolific blogger on transhumanist issues at The Huffington Post, VICE, Psychology Today, and other publications.

The Brighter Brains Institute is prohibited from endorsing candidates for political office, due to our status as a non-profit organization. It is safe to say though that his associates at BBI are very supportive of his bold endeavor.

BBI talked to Zoltan on the phone on October 9, and he explained that running for USA President will allow him to present a transhumanist agenda to a broader audience. Additionally, he can use the platform to hopefully engage in dialogue with top politicians.

Zoltan also emailed BBI an outline of his campaign platform. There are three primary points he will emphasize in his campaign:

1) Convince the American public that significantly more funding should be available for life extension research, so that death and aging can be overcome in the next 15-20 years.

2) Create a cultural mindset in America that will embrace transhumanism – by convincing the citizenry that radical technology and science can enormously enhance our nation and species.

3) Halting or diminishing the numerous Existential Risk Factors, by Creating national and global safeguards and programs for protection.

Brighter Brains Institute will be issuing regular and thorough reports on Zoltan’s campaign. Check back regularly for updates. We have also set up a “Transhumanist Party” channel where all information on his Presidential run will be temporarily situated. […]

Weiter/Quelle: http://brighterbrains.org/articles/entry/zoltan-istvan-is-running-for-usa-president-2016-as-transhumanist-party-cand

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